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99% of our daily needs are transported by road professionals.
The road transport of goods is at the heart of the economy.

Road transport of goods is at the heart of the economy.

It is the fastest, most flexible, reliable and cheapest way to get products to the door of every business, every store and every home, from the largest city to the smallest village.

In France, we can evaluate the average cost of a truck between 100 000 and 150 000€ per year (purchase, maintenance, personnel etc…). The maintenance (including drains) represents 6% to 8% of this annual cost.


Are you a truck owner, a truck driver or a fleet manager?


The nitiFilter® permanent and maintenance-free oil filter makes you save money while ensuring the smooth operation of your vehicles.

– Space out the drain interval, up to the point of bypassing it altogether. And yes it’s possible, testimony and study to back it up!

– Make sure that your engine is protected by choosing a high quality filter.

– Minimize capital costs: less drains = less trips to the garage box. A truck that runs is a truck that makes you profit!

– Improve your performance through optimal engine lubrication and save up to 3% in fuel costs.

More about nitiFilter®.



They are already convinced by the nitiFilter®

Jean-Michel Lemoigne - Technical Center Manager

Jean-Michel Lemoigne - Technical Center Manager

Veolia Environment Services



Do you know how much an oil change really costs you?

The oil change is often included in a more global maintenance package, but have you ever tried to calculate its real cost? Here is an estimate of the actual cost of oil changes for a fleet of 30 trucks.

TCO gains Truck fleet / trucks equipped with nitifilter®


You too, calculate the effective cost of oil change on your vehicle or your fleet thanks to our  online tco simulator. And see for yourself how much you could save by choosing a permanent filter like the nitiFilter® !


Do the math yourself



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Ce message est également disponible en : Français

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