Permanent and self-cleaning oil filter for passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

nitifilter ald


The nitiFilter® ALD is suitable for:

    • passenger cars
    • light duty trucks
    • taxis
    • engines with up to 16 qt sump capacity. Please contact us for your off-highway applications.


Content of the ALD kit

Self-cleaning filter


All components for ease of installation


nitiFilter®’s competitive edge :
  • Stainless Steel Filtration Media: guaranteed filtration aperture and unmatched resistance to pressure (More than 140 psi burst pressure).
  • Aluminum 5083 housing: light, robust and durable.
  • Pressure ports on the filter: monitor engine pressure and filter pressure; detect any lubrification issues.
  • Without by-pass valve*: 100% filtered oil.
  • No more oil sump drain ⇒ more than 90% less oil waste. If needed, it can be replaced by a purifier drain (0.5 Qt) and oil analysis.
*Since the pressure drop across the filter needs to be under 11 psi, if the by-pass valve is in the filter head on the engine block, it will not open (usually opens between 11 and 35 psi).




Product leaflet User manual

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