Permanent and self-cleaning oil filter for extreme applications. Filtration media is regenerated up to 30 times per minute.

Ideal for engines with remote mounted filters and engines operating under constant load.

nitifilter ehd

The nitiFilter® EHD is suitable for:

    • marine engines
    • gensets
    • off-highway machinery
    • one kit is suitable for engines with sump capacity between 16 and 42 qt, and Output power up to 400 kW. Two kits can be used for higher output power and larger sumps.


[ut_title_divider margin_top=”40″]Content of the EHD kit[/ut_title_divider] [ut_service_column_vertical color=”#f1c40f” icon=”fa-filter” headline=”Self-cleaning filter” shape=”normal” width=”third”] [/ut_service_column_vertical] [ut_service_column_vertical color=”#f1c40f” icon=”fa-bitbucket” headline=”Purifier” shape=”normal” width=”third”]that collects contaminants from the filter’s backflush flow[/ut_service_column_vertical] [ut_service_column_vertical color=”#f1c40f” icon=”fa-magnet” headline=”Spin-on adaptor ” shape=”normal” width=”third” last=”true”](optional)[/ut_service_column_vertical]


[ut_title_divider margin_top=”40″]nitiFilter®’s competitive edge:[/ut_title_divider]

  • Stainless Steel Filtration Media: guaranteed filtration aperture and unmatched resistance to pressure (More than 140 psi burst pressure).
  • Aluminum 5083 housing: light, robust and durable.
  • Pressure ports on the filter: monitor engine pressure and filter pressure; detect any lubrification issues.
  • No more oil sump drain ⇒ more than 90% less oil waste. If needed, it can be replaced by a purifier drain (1 Qt) and oil analysis.


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