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Here is the NITIFilter

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A product that offers you real benefits

Economic benefits

You save on oil, filters, and oil changes: the savings add up fast

Time savings

Maintenance is extremely simplified for more up-time

Environmental benefits

Less oil consumption, no more disposable filters, and a product that can easily be recycled at the end of the vehicle’s service life.



How it works

Why does it work? We’ll tell you our secrets

Surface filtration

Made of a woven stainless steel filtration medium: the filtration capacity is precise and constant over time

Self-cleaning filter

 The filter stays clean because it is flushed by a counter-current of filtered oil

Storage of impurities

Impurities are stored in the purifier, which is located outside of the normal circuit: the oil retains its lubricating properties

Derived from a technology that has already proven itself in the marine sector, the nitifilter® oil filter can be adapted to cars, generators, boats, tractors, heavy equipment, and any other vehicle that produces between 50 and 800 horsepower.


the technology in detail


The concept in motion (video)

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Detail (photos)

A look at what’s inside a nitiFilter

NitiFilter - filtre vue du dessus filtre a huile permanent nitifilter

The proof is in the results

We already have solid experience. Check out our data.




without oil change(*)


Average saving in oil consumption

( * ) : duration without any oil change on a truck fitted with nitiFilter®


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