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Press release

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Paris, 11 December 2015




XFP is making its COP21 commitment through its revolutionary oil filter: the nitiFilter®

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Worldwide oil consumption stands today at almost 20 billion liters. Even in the best-case scenario, 20% of used oil is released into nature, polluting the equivalent of 8 times the surface of the earth. The time has come to raise awareness of this problem, which has been ignored for to long, and to stop such useless waste.

As part of the COP21 conference, XFP is proud to present a concrete solution that can be rolled out immediately: the nitiFilter®. This revolutionary product allows the driver to consume 10 times less motor oil, and to thereby reduce CO2 emissions by a factor of 10, i.e. by 90%. Read more

NitiFilter® carbon footprint: emits less than a standard filter after the second oil change

Against the backdrop of climate issues, which have become more and more important, and at the same time as the COP21 world climate conference, we have decided to study and promote our nitiFilter® automotive filtration solution’s comparable advantage when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s important to remember that in France, the transportation sector is responsible for a third of total final energy consumption (second only to the construction sector) as well as for almost 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, 95% of which come from road transportation alone. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in this sector is therefore an absolute priority. How is the nitiFilter® a solution? What is it’s carbon impact compared to a standard filter? More reliable than a traditional oil filter, it is also greener, and its carbon footprint shows that it dramatically reduces carbon emissions.  Read more

Why is the nitiFilter® more reliable than a standard filter?

Have you ever asked yourself if your oil filter is reliable? I would guess you haven’t… But oil quality depends on the quality of the filter!

Oil filters remove contaminants from the oil before they can damage engine components. Standard filters are made from paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The nitiFilter® is made from high-quality aluminum, with a stainless steel filtration medium. But that’s not the only difference between the two. So, what makes the nitiFilter® more reliable than the paper filters you can buy for €10 from any corner mechanic? Learn more from the rest of this article. Read more

Oil filter comparison: should I chose a standard filter or a lifetime filter?

Every good driver knows how important lubrication is to their vehicle’s lifespan and proper functioning. Oil can only do its work correctly if it has been properly filtered. That’s what an oil filter does! The oil filter is responsible for removing the pollutants that build up in the oil as the engine runs. Standard “paper” filters (Purflux etc.), lifetime filters, cleanable filters, green filters… there are so many choices! But what are the differences between all of these kinds of filters, and how is the nitiFilter different from the other lifetime filters already on the market? Here is a comparison of the oil filters available on the market. Read more

nitiFilter, a lifetime and self-cleaning filter
nitiFilter, a lifetime and self-cleaning filter

5 reasons why the nitiFilter is greener than your traditional oil filter

30 million. That’s how many oil filters are disposed of in France every year. With the COP21 climate conference, which took place in Paris right around the corner, the time has come to question and reevaluate our consumption behavior. We have already brought up the topic of the environmental impact of oil changes. What exactly are the ecological benefits of a lifetime oil filter like the nitiFilter compared to traditional oil filters? Here are 5 facts that might convince you to get rid of your old filter for good in favor of a clean and sustainable technology. Read more

Volkswagen scandal: what else are car manufacturers lying to us about?

It has been a week since the Volkswagen fraud scandal erupted, the company having been accused of manipulating pollution emissions from its diesel vehicles to circumvent US law. The issue has slowly evolved into a major international debate. It not only affects the German group, but has started to sow the seeds of doubt about its competitors… Is VW the only one doing this, or this practice widespread, misleading both consumers and the law? How could this fraud occur and what are the consequences? The Volkswagen affair deciphered later in our article. Read more