Fuel prices still higher ? Save money with the nitiFilter®.

17 March 2022
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17 March 2022 nicolas

Fuel prices still higher ? Save money with the nitiFilter®.

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Save 1% to 2% on fuel

In the same way that you can save 1% to 2% of fuel depending on the oil used (e.g. 5W30 vs 10W40 – [ TotalEnergies ] [conseil économie carburant] ), Did you know that you can save 1% to 2% of fuel by using the nitiFilter®on your vehicle fleets?

Indeed, the nitiFilter® being self-cleaning, it remains clean at all times so using a nitiFilter® on your engine is like having a new filter at all times on your car.
We know that the difference in fuel consumption between a used filter (close to the oil change interval) and a new filter is about 1.5% (confirmed by our own results of a test carried out at the UTAC – CERAM group: “The replacement of the used oil filter by a new one resulted in a fuel consumption gain of 1.6%”). Our own statistical analysis of these tests indicates that the use of the nitiFilter® will bring an identical gain of 1.6% compared to a used filter.

A virtuous circle for less consumption

In the long term, the use of nitiFilter® allows you to enter a virtuous circle : better filtration => better lubrication => less engine wear ( see the LTDS’s test results) =>

moins de frottement

less fuel consumption

huile plus propre

less fuel consumption

Consumption gains probably higher

Thermodynamic efficiency

In addition, the design of the nitiFilter® certainly provides a benefit over the engine’s thermodynamic efficiency . Indeed, the nitiFilter® is made of aluminum for both the filter part and the purifier, which contributes to a better heat dissipation, and thus in fine to a higher efficiency of the oil to dissipate the calories of the engine and thus finally an improved thermodynamic efficiency of the engine.

Effect on the dynamic behaviour of the engine

Finally, on the dynamic side, i.e. when accelerating, two effects can contribute to improved consumption:

* By design, pressure drop through our filter is lower than through a standard filter – in addition to the “static” gain on energy (the oil pump needs to pump less to ensure the same pressure in the engine – this gain remains minimal) it allows a more reactive engine speed increase since the engine is quickly well lubricated. This is especially true when cold.
* The effect can be amplified by the behavior of some drivers : they will feel, consciously or not, a more responsive engine and will be lighter on the gas pedal

Return on Investment

As current events remind us ( Russian-Ukrainian war, depletion of fossil resources ), the trend of fuel prices is not decreasing, so get your calculators to measure the return on investment of the installation of the nitiFilter® on your fleets – it will certainly be less than one year just by the gain on fuel consumption. Taking into account the gains specific to drains ( Savings for trucks, savings for public works machines, saving for cars ), installing the nitiFilter® now is the obvious choice! . #futureIsNow, #nobrainer

Le futur c'est maintenant

install the nitiFilter®.


Ce message est également disponible en : Français Deutsch Español Português

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